Style Icon: Zoe Hart

For those of you who watch Hart of Dixie, Zoe Hart is a familiar character. For those of you who don't, this is what you've been missing.

Zoe, played by Rachel Bilson, is a Manhattan doctor that is forced to relocate from New York to Bluebell, a traditional and small southern town in Alabama that is home to many women who still embrace the past. The contrast between Zoe Hart’s modern city gal style and the old school glam attires of the southern belles, full of pastel and vintage-inspired pieces, is one of the most appealing aspects of the show. Her wardrobe is full of silk blouses, tailored high waisted shorts, sophisticated blazers and striped tops in a mixture of sheer fabrics, leather and lace. The chromatic palette is usually neutral but with a hint of a bright colour like red or green, and the outfit is never complete without some chunky heels or oxford shoes and very simple jewellery.

Dr. Hart may have moved to the country side but her city style hasn't suffered a bit. It is still just the perfect mix of LA cool and NY chic.

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  1. Vejo a série e já tinha reparado no estilo dela, adoro :) e o papel dela também já agora! ^^


  2. i love rachel bilson she always looks amazing!

  3. Adoro-a! Linda, com um estilo fantastico, e super engraçada!! Adoro a serie, e gosto muito de ver as roupas que ela usa!


  4. I love Rachel Bilson's style both on and off screen. I haven't seen this show but I've always wanted to watch it just for the clothes :)

  5. e o qe eu gosto dela :) minha rachel sempre impecavelmente bem vestida!! *

  6. gostei ;)

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  7. Adoro essa serie :)



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