High Waisted Denim Cut Offs

Lately I've been obsessing over this kind of shorts. I know they aren't exactly a new thing around but I'm really digging them at the moment, don't ask me why. Here are some examples of how to wear them:

Tight or loose, cropped or long, vintage or new... You name it! T-shirts, tank tops or button up shirts, everything is allowed when it comes to denim cut offs. Add a vintage belt or some over-the-knee socks, then pair them with military boots, platform shoes or wedges (try some cool sandals or even canvas sneakers in the summer) and you're good to go!

This style of shorts has been inspiring a lot of DIY, not only in the actual making of the shorts (cut offs of old Levis jeans), but also by trying to make them different and stand out from the crowd. The most usual DIY involve studs, patchwork, dying or simply distressing.

Jessica Alba in Paris


Koton Spring 2011 Campaign

Alessandra Ambrosio by Koray Birand
Loving the crossed shoulders and the cut outs!
Plus, the photos make me miss summer, warm weather and the beach.
And I SOOO need it right now!


Nicole Kidman by Craig McDean

Nicole? Is that you?
I have to admit that I think this tough/boyish look is completely unexpected and has nothing to do with her... But I do love the unexpected.