Top - Solilor
Pants - H&M
Shoes - H&M

The blog's vacations are officially over and I'm back for good! I'm interning now which means my holidays happened mainly in July and I wanted to make the most out of them. I've travelled a lot, been to most of the music festivals (missed Paredes de Coura though and I'll never forgive myself for that), partied hard and soaked up the sun as much as I could... Just the way I love my free time to be: the good kind of busy! It's really strange not being able to enjoy the rest of the month of August with my friends but I happen to really like what I'm doing now and I'm actually having fun 'on the job'. A different kind of fun, for sure, but I don't regret the commitment at all.

And... We are now 5000 on FB, YEYY!! Of course I can't let this big event pass without properly celebrating it, so stay tuned! I've got a surprise coming :)