Bloggers I ♥: Style by Buett

This is Buget, the gorgeous and proud owner of Style by Buett, from the one and only Orange County. I haven't known her blog for a long a time but I immediatelly fell in love with her californian boho chic style. She gravitates a lot around short pieces like tube skirts and denim shorts, which I do too, since I'm not very tall and that helps me create the illusion that I'm not the 'dwarf' that I actually am. Love how she accesorizes her outfits, with all the hats, big bangles and long necklaces, and, last but not least, love the photography and the awesome palm-trees, gardens and beaches that serve as a scenery in most of her shots.

Well, in conclusion, she's a BIG inspiration for me since I identify a lot with her style.
Besides, I have to add how sweet, thankful and down-to-earth she seemed when she replied to my e-mail asking for permission to use her photos on my blog. Made me like her even more!



After reading this post about Dip Dye Jeans on S.'s blog Confessions of a shopaholic, I remembered I had yet to show you my latest attempt of a DIY: dip dyed, studded, cutoff denim shorts!

I did it last month, on some shorts I ordered from e-Bay. What do you think?


Inspiration Time: 10!

1. Love how she toned down the sequin skirt to create a casual look.
2. Knotted blouse = LOVEEE
3. I neeeeed a hat like these. Asap.
4. Note to self: Embelish a boring purse with a printed scarf.
5. Well, I think I don't need to say anything about this one. It speaks for itself.
6. Knotted denim blouse, check. Long mint skirt, check. Awesome!
7. Layering. Of the clothes, the necklaces and the rings.
8. Leather tube skirt? Oh yeah.
9. ♥♥♥♥♥
10. THE bag. I just love it. Plus: the nails, the rings, the leggings and the layering are perfection.