Where's The Party?

Arm Party: "the science behind the complicated calculations that are drawn and solved in order to properly decorate one's wrist"; to wear heaps and heaps of jewellery on the arms - or any other limbs for that matter, we don't discriminate - to display its prettiness (as seen on The 'very awesome' Man Repeller. Actually, she's so cool she actually OWNS this term).

It's easy to achieve it... Just invite all of your random-arm-adorning-kinds-of-stuff and puff! You'll have an arm parteyy going on. Seriously, get some friendship bracelets and bangles, add a couple of chains, introduce them to your favorite watch and you're good to go! There are no rules. Be not afraid of greatness and mix plastic with leather, silver and gold, spikes, beads and sparkly diamonds...
Just remember: go big or go home!

What she said... Rachel Zoe

"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak."

Rachel Zoe


Style Perfection: Nicola

She's so freaking COOL!

Black, white, leather, platform heels, loose blouses and statement necklaces... I would totally wear everything on her blog.

 I think she's my style soulmate ahah ♥


Vectory by BAGUERA

Este mês, a BAGUERA, uma marca de joalharia criada pela joalheira Branca Cuvier em 2011, lançou a sua nova colecção de malas - Vectory. O nome da colecção surge da sinergia entre as palavras Vector e Vitória e combina diversos elementos de design que personificam a mulher do século XXI através de carteiras clutch, feitas em acrílico e pele artificial. As facetas da clutch são traçadas por diferentes vectores, têm uma multiplicidade de formas que por si representam as várias facetas do papel feminino na sociedade moderna.

Sob a direcção de Branca Cuvier, a campanha Vectory by BAGUERA acompanha o trajecto de duas mulheres emancipadas e independentes na sua rotina Lisboeta e está divida em duas partes: Vectory by Day e Vectory by Night. Para protagonistas foram escolhidas duas mulheres que representam a modernidade feminina do nosso século. Audazes, irreverentes e sobretudo originais, a criativa Wilma Faget e fashion blogger Pureza Fleming encaram a filosofia BAGUERA: quem quiser sobreviver e triunfar nesta selva urbana não se pode dar ao luxo de passar despercebido.

“Every woman has at least a couple of personalities”

“I see neon lights whenever you walk by”

“The interior of a woman’s purse is the keyhole in her mind and soul”

"The accessory that personifies the 21st Century Modern Day Woman"

Clutches in pleather, acrylic and metal by Baguera

How cool are these? I'm in love with the mirrored one  ♥


Pink Lady

I just LUV this (yup, pun intended) ♥
The styling, the teenage vibe, the high school background... And, of course, the accessories!


I've Been Lost

T-shirt - Bershka
Skirt - OASAP
Boots - Topshop
Denim Jacket - H&M

How cool is this skirt from OASAPYou know how much I love statement skirts so it's pointless to say that I fell in love with the tribal effects from the second I saw them... But I did. And I still do. I'm a sucker for tube skirts paired with loose tops so this is something that you can see me wearing pretty often.
By the way, loving the weather on this last couple of days... Can we say "Welcome back spring!" or is it too soon to party? And how is everyone planning to enjoy the sunny and warm weekend?

Back For Good

I know. I've been M.I.A... Due to the combination of many unfortunate reasons, my blog and everything related to it have been neglected and for that I'm really sorry. I have been uninspired and unmotivated... I feel like I've let myself down by giving up on a thing that I love, but most of all, I feel like I've let yourself down by getting stuck when I was getting so much support. Thank you for not abandoning me while I was away and thank you to the new followers I gained even when the blog was out of service. YOU ROCK!!

But well, all in all, the hiatus is officially over so I'm back for good now! :)