My Head Is A Jungle

Skirt - Bershka
Top - Lefties
Belt - Urban Outfiters
Shoes - SoYouShoes
Jewellery - Casio, Topshop, Asos and H&M

Holidays, at last!! I'm a little pissed off that the weather has changed, with the temperature dropping and the sun disappearing, but well... it's summer and I can't really complain. AND my birthday is in a week so I foresee a whole week of celebration ahah. What are you plans for the summer? I'll be starting an internship in August so mine will be short but very very sweet. I have a lot of plans already so the month of July will be a busy one... In a good way of course. I'll be making the most of my time, for sure!!

My new shoes from SoYouShoes! I've always wanted some lightweight creepers and these are just perfect...

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