Cut Out Dresses and Bare Midriffs: Hot or Not?

This is not a new trend (it's not even a trend, I think it's more of a micro-trend) and it always appears at this time of the year: in the Spring/Summer collections. I don't see myself wearing a tight and form fitting cut out dress because I don't think I can pull it off, and the loose ones kind of lose their appeal, but I quite like the bare midriff thing. With some high waisted shorts ou pants, in a hot summer day, it can look great and even make you look taller because of the 'elongated' legs. What do YOU think?

(I can't even imagine myself wearing these outfits right now... It is FREEZING around here!!)

Oh, that's right! And what do you think about these ones?
Are you a 'claw' person or are they for wildlife animals only?

7 comentários:

  1. Os vestidos são super hot! Gosto do primeiro!
    O "anel" já não gosto...Não gosto mesmo de ver :S


  2. hot hot hot:) adoro!
    Os aneis não tenho a certeza. Em todos os dedos no way, mas talvez goste de ver em menores quantidades

  3. Amei as garras** Brutais =)

  4. Aquele top azul bebé <3
    Quanto a esses acessórios para as unhas gosto de ver mas só um :)



Thank you ♥