The Hills Girls @ US Weekly Hot Hollywood Party

A quick quick post on the Hills girls 'cause I have to go back to my Human Resources Management assignment! I'm really sorry for the lack of posts and proper interaction with you lovely bloggers out there, but I've been very busy with university work, that seems to go on forever and ever.. Hopefully it will tone down a bit next week so I'll be back for good then, with more time to post and visit your blogs :) xx

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  1. estão as duas lindissimas mas a Lauren está mais que perfeita adoro tudo!

  2. Elas são as duas lindissimas e conseguem sempre ter outfits fabulosos. Boa escolha!

  3. Adoro o segundo outfit :)


  4. Me gusta mucho tu blog! Te dejo el mío, que acabo de crear, para que lo veas y si te gusta lo sigas y lo comentes! gracias! http://lagarderobebleue.blogspot.com/

  5. Estão giríssimas :)



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