Tiiu Kuik by Anne Menke

Marie Claire France - February 2011

I fell in love with this editorial from the first moment I saw it. Maybe because of the vibrant colours contrasting with the white backgrounds... Or because of the sunshine brightness. Or the sceneries that remind me of the Greek Islands, with their exotic flowers... Perphaps it was the catalogue-'ish' vibe of the photographs and the poses, like their telling a story. Or even everything I just said, combined. Yeah, I don't know exactly what made it happen, I just know it feels a breath of fresh air to me.

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  1. Maria! Parabéns pelo teu espaço! Já sou uma addicted ;)

    aproveito para te dar a conhecer o meu blog: fashionmarketslove.blogspot.com

    um beijinho!
    seguidora Miranda

  2. Great post and great blog!!!!
    I follow :))

    have a look to mine if you like...


  3. Lovely photos!!

    Gostei do blog (:
    Vou seguir , boa?

    Ah! Tenho dois sorteios a decorrer... participa! ;)

    Ivânia Diamond *

  4. que giras!! estão óptimas as fotografias!!


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